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De Martigny group of companies

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    Business in style

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    Diplomacy for businesses

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    Bespoke solutions

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    Global approach, local roots

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Classical funding

Over 70 alternative schemes for projects needing over US$ 5,000,000 funding

Alternative funding

Star with your small seed funds, grow them fast and achieve your funding target

Savvy investors

High profit, pre-selected, private and off-market projects and companies

Quadruple your capital

Advanced financial programmes for large investors in cooperation with top banks

Diamonds & gold

We buy, sell, invest, trade, manage and monetize these precious commodities

Investment passports

Second citizenship via investment, linked to offshore banking and tax mitigation

Advise & coaching

Cross-country, cross-border business styles, lifestyles and international rules

Communication & events

Creative online advisory, social media, documentaries, films and celebrations

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Business advice. Call now:
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Relationship coaching. Call now:
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Savoir vivre. Call now:
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Life crossroads. Call now:
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Career situations. Call now:
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Fashion & style. Call now:
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Know about Us

Diane de Martigny

de Martigny group of companies

  • European Headquarters: 1 Canada Square, London E14, UK
  • USA Head Office: San Francisco, CA 94116, USA
  • France-Monaco: Roquebrune Cap Martin 06190, France

Modern diplomacy at the serve of business. Ambassadolis-Counsellor is a high end business diplomacy company that offers to high end establishments and individuals exclusive services:

  • High yield investment programmes
  • Due diligence and KYC audit
  • Funds and assets under management
  • Offshore banking and tax mitigation
  • Project management
  • Gold and diamond trade and investments

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